One of the best summer traditions is relaxing by the pool, and when the pool is right in your backyard, it’s even better. As with any part of your home, keeping the pool clean and healthy will require some effort. Here are four tips to help you keep up with swimming pool maintenance.

Preventing Problems is Key to Swimming Pool Maintenance

To keep the water crystal clear and clean, test it at least two or three times each week. If the chemistry is off, correct it so you don’t end up with cloudy water or algae growth.

As soon as you notice issues with pH or alkalinity, take action. Waiting until the water is cloudy is a mistake because it will require extra work to get the pool clean again. If algae are already growing, you’ve got an uphill battle to restore clear water.

Use a Chlorinator

Assuming you have your pH and water hardness in order, the biggest part of swimming pool maintenance is keeping an adequate level of chlorine. A floating diffuser is a good choice, but they often get set out of the water when they’re in the way. They also require frequent attention.

A better option is an inline chlorinator. These devices are connected to the line between the filter and the discharge. You fill them with tablets, select the level of chlorination you want and the device dispenses chlorine. It’s easy to adjust and never in the way.

Backwash the Filters

It is important to backwash the pool filter regularly. Over time, smaller particles will become lodged in the filter. Cleaning the filter prevents the pump from straining.

Swimming Pool Maintenance in Winter

The work isn’t over once the pool is closed for the winter. There are some things to monitor even in the coldest months. Your cover should be checked every week or so to make sure it is tight and doesn’t have leaks. Make sure the filter housing isn’t filling with ice as this could break it.

Keep an eye on the water level; you may need to add some water in the off-season. Even in winter, water may evaporate, exposing the pool liner to harsh conditions. Topping it off as needed during the winter will help extend the life of your liner.

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